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Neopoetry DVD

15 Tracks, 1 Hour Playing Time

This copyleft compilation of experimental audio-visual works is a must-have collectors item. The DVD contains a total of 15 works by 36 Australian writers, video artists and musicians.

Each work uses the latest digital video and animation techniques to create a 21st Century artistic documentary. Each stylised screen-based artwork captures a contemporary evolutions in language. SMS, Hip Hop, psychology tests, the buggy-outcomes of translation algorithms, software code, comics, zines and more. Our cultural lives leave marks on the timeline of language, and these marks are captured in the Neopoetry DVD in artistic splendour.

The Neopoetry physical DVD was produced in 2004, and has now sold out, however you can purchase the digital download through Licensd for only $2!

The Neopoetry DVD digital download is 3.5GB in size. You will need a bitorrent client to download the full file. You can use any bitorrent client. We like Vuze.

Classified in Australia for screening and for sale M15+. Recommended for Mature Audiences 15 Years and Over. Low Level Coarse Language.