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The Team

Curator/Producer - Rebecca Cannon
Selection Committee
- Francesca Da Rimini -
- Simon Sellars -
- Mez Breeze -
Graphic & web design - Joe Hill -
DVD Cover design - Tim Neumann -
DVD menu design - Jesse Barrett
DVD programming - Rebecca Cannon

About the Collaborative Process

Neopoetry is an exciting DVD compilation showcasing the efforts of 36 young Australian writers, musicians and video artists. The artists on Neopoetry were selected for their ability to transform traditional English language into a highly creative medium, infusing text with audio and video.

The process by which artists on neopoetry transformed written texts into moving images was a highly experimental one. Neopoetry was an experiment in collaboration, production models and inter-media processing. Artist groups were teamed up according to pre-suggested teams, or with other artists who they had previously not met. Some team members, working from different states of Australia, never met each other face to face. Each team was given complete freedom in the way that they chose to transform a written text into a video artwork, and the degree to which they chose to collaborate with one another. This was to encourage new methods of collaboration as well as new methods of creative production.

The original texts are represented in the final video artworks to varying degrees. The collaborative model, and process of interpretation involved in each work is as much a part of the artwork as the original text and final video.


An A4 screening list is available on the DVD, which contains brief information about the works, in the order that the DVD 'playall' button plays. This can be printed out and given to your audience so that they have a list of the works screened.

- Information on each artwork is available as an A4.gif under each artwork on the dvd playlist page.

Download the A4 screening playlist 45K
Download the project descriptions as a text file 12K


Neopoetry DVD is no longer available as a physical object, it is now only available as a digital download. However, when it was available as a physical DVD, it could be purchased at the following Retail stores.

Museum of Contemporary Art

West Circular Quay, The Rocks
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Queensland Gallery of Art

Queensland Cultural Centre
Southbank, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Polyester Books

330 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia